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Get to a safe place. Call 911 (U.S.) to report a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault as soon as possible after the crime.

If the offense has recently happened: if possible, keep the clothes you were wearing and don’t wash them – the police may need them as evidence for the investigation. Try not to shower, as there may be evidence which the police can use.

National Sexual Assault Hotline, 800-656-HOPE (4673). You can also chat with a trained hotline worker on the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.

National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-SAFE (7233) or 800-787-3224 (TTY)

Now What?

Communicating With Law Enforcement

Find Local Counseling

I’ve Been Assaulted. Now what?

Reporting To Law Enforcement

What Is A Rape Kit?

What to Do if You Have Been Raped

What To Expect At The Hospital

What To Expect From the Criminal Justice System


Emergency Contraception

How To Send A Title IX Complaint to The U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice

Know Your Rights United States Department of Education

Stages of Trauma Recovery: What It Means to Be a ‘Survivor’

Student Information Request Letter to a School District

Understanding Why You Didn’t Tell

Was it my fault? Self-Blame and Survivors

Judge: U.S. Violated Victims' Rights When Negotiating Sex-Abuse Plea Deal With Wealthy Financier Jeffrey Epstein

Lawsuit: Purdue accused of 'chilling' retaliation on women who reported sexual assaults

Radiolab: In the Know, Part 3

Radiolab: In the Know, Part 2

Radiolab: In the Know, Part 1

Court: In Campus Sex Assault Case, Evidence of Victim’s Sexual History Should Have Been Allowed

ATIXA Position Statement on the Free Speech Rights of Individuals Involved in Sexual Misconduct Proceedings

Mutually Non-Consensual Sex

The Bad Science Behind Campus Response to Sexual Assault

University of Tulsa Off The Hook In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Tools and Resources

Capptivation App

Circle of 6 App

Culture of Respect

Life, Reinvented: A Guide to Healing from Sexual Trauma for Survivors and Loved Ones

Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse

The Aspire News App

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

The PTSD Workbook for Teens: Simple, Effective Skills for Healing Trauma

The PTSD Workbook: Simple, Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms

The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls: A Guide to Recover from Sexual Assault and Abuse

U of Nine App

How Trauma Lodges in the Body


Common Date Rape Drugs

Criminal Charges Sexual Assault Overview

Health Care Providers and Screening and Counseling for Interpersonal and Domestic Violence

It’s Never Your Fault The Truth about Sexual Abuse

Know Your Rights: Title IX And Sexual Assault

Not Alone Protecting Students from Sexual Assault from the White House

Sex or Sexual Abuse Respect Yourself Know The Difference

The Realities of Sexual Assault on Campus From Best Colleges

Title IX Introduction

It's Your Education: How Title IX Protections Can Help You

Male Survivors

1in6 Support for Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Dr. Richard Gartner’s Web Site for Male Victims of Sexual Abuse

Father’s Touch- Donald D’Haene’s Memoir

For Men Only

From Darkness to Light Resources for Child Survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault

Hope for Healing Male Rape

Male Survivor

Male to Male Child Sexual Abuse in the Context of Homophobia

No Escape Male Rape in US Prisons

Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR)

The Sexual Abuse of Males Resources for Male Survivors

Intimate Partner Violence

31 Most Powerful Domestic Violence Moments in 2015

College Dating Violence and Abuse Poll from 2011

Defining Love

Evaluation For Improvement Empowerment Evaluation Approach For Violence Prevention Organizations

Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV in Women

Intimate Partner Violence Handout 

Preventing Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Program Activities Guide

Preventing Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence in Racial: Ethnic Minority Communities

Teen Dating Violence Facts from Clothesline Project

Teen Dating Violence In The United States

Teenage Dating Violence & Sexual Assault Resources

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence Factsheet


258E Harassment Prevention Orders

Federal Stalking Laws

For Victims and Survivors of Stalking

Safety Tips for Stalking Victims from WomensLaw

Stalking Factsheet from Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Stalking Incident and Behavior Log

Stalking Laws by Each State

Stalking Orders of Protection by Each State

Stalking/Cyberstalking from WomensLaw

Tips For Victims Handout

The Use of Technology to Stalk

Parents and Caregivers

Communicating Without Judgment

Free Parent Guide by Keep Her Safe

Helping A Loved One

Helping Her Get Free: A Guide for Families and Friends of Abused Women by Susan Brewster

Parents’ Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act- Rights Regarding Children’s Education Records

Some Tips on How to Protect your Child from Sexual Abuse

Student Information Request Letter to a School District

Tips for Partners, Friends & Family of Survivors

Understanding Sexual Violence- Tips For Parents & Caregivers Of Children

What Parents Need to Know About Sexual Abuse


Before You Go By Clare James

Controlled: The Worst Night of My Life and Its Aftermath by Neesha Arter

College Girl: A Memoir by Laura Gray-Rosendale

Girl In The Woods by: A Memoir by Aspen Matis


Audrie and Daisy

Brave New Voices “Rape Joke”

Brave New Voices “Somewhere In America”

One Year After ‘Rolling Stone’s Disastrous “A Rape On Campus,” Here’s How University Of Virginia Classrooms Have Changed by Christine Stoddard

Poetry Slam Inc “Say No”

Representation Resources

Attorney Practice Manual, Available from Victim Rights Law Center

Civil Rights Under Title IX Resource

How to File a Charge of Employment Discrimination with the EEOC

How to File a Discrimination Complaint with the Office for Civil Rights

“Justice is More Than Jail: Civil Legal Needs of Sexual Assault Victims” by. A. Kerrick

SurvJustice Legal and Counseling Assistance


What Happened? Alcohol, Memory Blackouts, and the Brain

The Drunk Sex Problem

Sexual Harassment

Last Week Tonight’s Video on Workplace Sexual Harassment

Revenge Porn and the Tricky, Delicate Balance Between Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Privacy

Why It's Harder For Grad Students To Report Sexual Harassment